We believe that time is money and we are passionate that fashion brands should have support and access to the wisdom and insights of experience. So we have put a lot of time and effort into creating free tools and affordable that help brands think and act faster in a constantly changing business landscape.


Fashion leaders, entrepreneurs, and especially SME businesses face unique challenges. They are competing with big brands with unlimited budgets, whilst at the same time losing market share to digital savvy, agile up-and-coming newcomers. Without creative and strategic clarity they could lose the business they have worked so hard to build. Their biggest challenge: how to remain credible, visible, and grow in such a competitive environment. Read the New Rules of the Fashion Business bestseller today.


The fashion strategy scorecard is the first online tool based on the five steps of the ALIGN principle. It was designed to help you benchmark your existing strategy against the most highly visible and successful brands today. Take just ten short minutes out of your schedule and we guarantee that answering these crucial questions will make you think, reflect, and make you a more strategic business today.